Why An EAP?

When asked about their most valuable assets, many or even most employers will respond that their employees are their most valuable assets. It’s true: without the assets produced by employees, employers could not meet their customer’s expectations. It is employees who are on the front lines of delivering attentive service, of producing quality products, of ensuring customer satisfaction.

When employees are temporarily not at their best, when relationship or family problems weigh on their minds, when health issues (physical or mental) get in the way, or when financial pressures distract, that is the time when an employer’s commitment to their “most valuable asset” shows. That’s why employers offer time for personal leave, and health insurance so employees can get medical attention.

And that is why all of those companies that consistently rank as the “best companies to work for” subscribe to an Employee Assistance Program. It is through the EAP that employees and their family/household members can get fast, reliable, and knowledgeable help in managing personal and family crises, mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse. And get back to work and be again the “most valuable asset”.

Solution Resources EAP offers its services primarily in the Spokane and larger Eastern Washington area. We do not strive to be everything for every business everywhere in the US. We want to keep doing what we do best and stay:

  • local

  • immediate

  • responsive

  • knowledgeable

  • focused on those doing business in this area.

And those are the values to which we commit ourselves for you as well.