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Our Services

For employees and their family/household members, the EAP is a confidential counseling, assessment, consultation and referral service to help you deal with many of life's problems.

Typical problems people come to the EAP for include:

  • Emotional issues
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Stress  and Burnout
  • School and Job Performance
  • Substance Use
  • Marital & Other Relationships
  • Family Problems
  • Parenting/Step-parenting
  • Child/Adolescent Counseling
  • Grief & Loss
  • Financial & Legal issues
  • Retirement
  • Life Direction
  • Career choices
  • Health and wellness coaching

The EAP is more than a counseling service!

In your workplace, we can assist you with many issues, such as organizational development issues, management coaching, team facilitation, training (e.g., communication, stress management, team work),  peer-to-peer and employee-manager mediation, and wellness promotion.

We will also help advertise, and orient employees and managers/supervisors to the EAP service.

How do I access the program and schedule an appointment?

Any eligible employee or family member may call for an appointment. No referral is required.

What services are available?

The most widely requested service is that of personal counseling. Whether you have difficulties due to life circumstances, are suffering from stress, experiencing an episode of depression, are grieving a loss, or have a substance use issue, the EAP has qualified counselors available as resources to help you find solutions to these issues. In addition, we have contracts with outside professionals who may help with legal and financial issues or elder care.

Is the service confidential?

Like all counseling, EAP services are governed by strict rules of confidentiality. Generally, only you and your counselor will know about your attendance and the content of your sessions. In some cases it is advisable to release information to other parties, for example your physician. In such cases we will ask you to sign an authorization for this release of information. Your counselor will advise you of any limitations to confidentiality prior to your first session. Your employer only receives anonymous statistics about utilization.

How much does it cost?

Counseling services provided under an employer’s EAP contract are available to you free of charge. There are no co-pays or deductibles.  Legal, financial, and other referrals generally offer a free initial consultation that allows you to explore your options before a fee may be charged. You will be advised of any charges before you incur them. While EAP sessions are free to the employee and/or family members, we have to charge for no-shows and late cancellations. Review our policy here.

Who is eligible for the benefit?

Usually, benefit-eligible employees, their spouses and their dependent family members are eligible. Check with your Human Resources department to be sure or call the EAP. Each family member has the same number of sessions available to them. Benefit-eligible only means that you could accept the insurance options offered by your employer - but you don’t actually have to have elected coverage through your employer: you are still eligible for EAP services!

How many sessions do I have available?

The number of sessions depends on the contract between your employer and Solution Resources EAP. Check with your human resources department or call Solution Resources EAP to find out your session entitlement. If you need additional sessions past the EAP benefit, you may ask for a referral or continue with your counselor. Your counselor will advise you of financial implications of such additional services, if any.

Who are the providers?

Solution Resources allows you to access a number of professionals and services with different specialties and areas of expertise. When you call us, we will make every attempt to connect you with the appropriate resource, either immediately or following an initial consultation. All our counselors are licensed in the State of Washington and must meet stringent criteria in order to contract with Solution Resources. All counselors are independent practitioners working with Solution Resources on a fee-for-service basis. For a list of providers, visit the Providers page.

What can a counselor do to help me with my problems?

A counselor is trained to help you by asking questions that can clarify the problem and its components. The counselor will make suggestions and help you crystallize options and identify steps for successfully resolving issues. The counselor will not make a decision for you, but help you make the best decision for yourself.

Solution Resources EAP   509-535-4074

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